About Me


Home Cook

A girl who loves to cook, eat and discover food. I love having a cup of coffee wherever I end up exploring. The taste of coffee makes me feel energized. A glass of whiskey on the rocks can be a bit strong, but trust me, I can handle it. I do enjoy having a glass of wine when it comes down to preparing a home cooked meal.

Thankful to have a supportive boyfriend and a group of friends who loves to eat.

Why do I enjoy cooking?

I grew up watching my parents cook in the kitchen. Involuntary learned when I was a kid then as I grew older, volunteered to learn from them so I could cook on my own.  Cooking just brings me joy and warmth. It makes me happy feeding others and watching them enjoying the moment. Re-creating food and turning them into a healthy dish makes me feel whole. Here I am today, sharing my cooking journey and learning other’s food cultures.

What You Do:
  • Discover food
  • Find alternative ways to eat unhealthy food but in a healthy way
  • An amateur photographer